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One of the first things to consider is why are you wanting to have a portrait done and who are you doing it for. If it is for a senior year in high school or for a close personal friend these considerations are key in how the poses and location or set will be needed to accomplish your portrait.

Next comes the attire for the portrait, it should be not so loud or over-powering to bring about more attention to it rather than the subject of the portrait. Too bright of colors or clashing colors will tend to focus the eye to them rather than the subject. In any painting or photograph, the eye tends to go first to the brightest spot on the image. If it is a highlight in the person’s eyes or a bright spot in the background, that is where the human brain starts to scan the entire image to make a judgement as to what is important to understand in the image. I should h also mention makeup too. The makeup used in portrait is slightly heavier due to the cameras ability to pickup the very soft edges of color. Not too much but not too lightly either.

Now comes the location, it should be in style with what the nature of the portrait session is about. If you are trying to reveal something about yourself to another through the use of imagery, a suitable location that has meaning or just a workable place for doing portraiture is suggested. If you want a urban feel to the images maybe something with glass fronted buildings would be in order. If you want a beautiful scenery to compliment an outfit that you are going to wear would be good. Backgrounds should be just that…backgrounds. They shouldn’t take over the image as to what the focus of the image is all about.

Now comes the exciting part of the portrait session….the actual shoot. The photographer is usually dressed in black for a reason….it’s not to make him /her appear to be slimmer or anything like that. It is because the light that bounces off anything takes on that color. If the photographer were to wear bright purple clothes, there would be a slight purple cast on the images. Black is a non reflective color and absorbs most of the light striking it. It is also used for something we call subtractive lighting also.  Most of the more dramatic lighting poses come from blending light, subject features, and personality into the portrait shoot. Most sessions take about an hour to fully develop the many facets of the subject in the image. Due to todays digital cameras and their unbelievable  memory cards, many images can be produced in a short amount of time. One should remember that quantity doesn’t trump quality.

Finally, all the images are done and then the photographer goes back to make sure the images are what he/she seen when taking the images. He/she will edit all of the images to enhance the look or effect that he/she was looking for. Minor retouching can be done or even major retouching so as to make the images just perfect for you. We then place the images on line in a secure password protected site that allows you and your family or friends to view and order prints or image files from on line with an amazing speed of delivery.